Friday, January 30, 2015

Featured Creation by Gail

Hi, friends of AuroraWings!  Welcome to the AW Showcase Blog.  Today, I have a cute card from Gail Neduzak for a crafter feature.   She used one of the most popular sprites from my Sprites Collection, Daphne Sprite.

The color combination of shades of pink and green is timeless and we find them all the time in nature, including daphne plants, so it works really well on this adorable cutie.  Gail added a little expression by drawing in her nose and mouth as all Sprites come with no mouths (kinda like Hello Kitty in that regard LOL).  It's fun to add to the original image like this to create added interest.  The rest of the card is kept clean and simple in coordinating colors and a small flower and vines accent in the corner.  Torn edges add rustic/shabby chic charm to this card, too.  Totally charming!

Daphne Sprite is available as a 1500 x 2100 pixels (resolution 300 dpi) JPG digi at AW Etsy here and at AW site here.  Also available in same size, but in PNG file format (with the white of the background around the sprite removed to be transparent) at AW Etsy here.

I've extended the special discount code through the end of this month.  This code will save you 30% on digital stamps when you buy 3 or more.  BUY3SAVE30  Deals like this don't come around often, so be sure to take advantage of it to grow your AuroraWings digi collection, or if you haven't started one, today is a great time!

I'd like to thank you for your wonderful support.  Our blogs are growing steadily, and our lively Facebook group Stamps by AuroraWings is getting close to celebration our 2000 members.  My Etsy shop has just hit the 10,000 sales mark, which is a milestone that I never imagined I would see when I first opened the shop.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend and happy coloring!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Featured Creation by Marion

Hi, friends! :D  Thank you for stopping by.  Today I have a crafter feature of a cute card by Marion Lones with one of my kitty digis, "We Love Snowman!".

Here's  a fun, whimsical card  for winter.  I love what Marion has done with this image.  Snow is often intimidating when we try to color since you are trying to capture something white on a white paper (Printing the image on a colored paper in some soft, neutral shade is one approach that helps reduce the anxiety we feel trying to capture 'white', by the way. ^_^  ).  She has done a beautiful job with stippling with different shades of grey here.  I also love that the feline trio are colored in the classic solid colors - black, white, and orange.   This is one of my personal favorites among the Animal Whimsy collection as I LOVE to watch little younguns play in the snow (Not only do they not stay that size for very long, but the older cats simply hate cold weather and snow. XD ) - or anywhere for that matter.

You can read all about this card and see close-up pics of this darling card on her blog post here.

The featured digi "We Love Snowman!" is available at the AW Etsy shop here and at AW web site shop here.  It will be available at the Storenvy shop in near future as well - I'm still adding listings to build the store up.  This digi comes as 1500 x 1800 pixels at 300 dpi (5" x 6"/12.7 x 15.2 cm) JPG file.  Not only this is a cute image for crafting with, but the simple cuteness is perfect for a coloring with young colorists on a cold winter day.

Shop AuroraWings digis today and save 15% with discount code "COLORMEHAPPY"!

Friday, January 16, 2015

New Release Showcase - Winter Lullaby

Hello, everyone!  Welcome to our first new release showcase of 2015!!  I'm super excited to introduce "Winter Lullaby", one of my popular illustrations in digi format.  The original illustration was done in a loose style, which is very different from my usual in that I go from rough sketch in pencil directly to digital coloring, thus skipping the inked line phase completely.  The result is a less detailed, more impressionistic illustration, which does not have the manga/anima feel procuded by the meticulously clean line art.

The Showcase DT has flexed their creative muscles and tackled this digi for the gallery.  Everyone brings her own touch of style and personality to the image.  Each is unique, distinct, and beautiful.  Hope you enjoy the showcase!



The "Winter Lullaby" digi comes as a 1500 x 2100 pixels black and white JPG at 300 dpi (prints to 5" x 7"/12.7 x 17.8 cm).  It is available at AW Etsy shop here and at AW web shop here

We are happy to welcome back our AW sister, Aletha J. Williams to the Showcase DT after a brief hiatus.  I'm sure you remember her from the AW Challenge Blog DT and also at Sweet Pea Stamps fb (SPS is the manufacturer/wholesale/retail seller of my rubber stamps, in case you didn't know.).  Nice to have you back on the AW team, Aletha! ^_^

On today's showcase, we are also joined by Karina Creawitch and Debbie Pamment from the AW Challenge Blog DT.  Thank you for joining us for this showcase, ladies!! ^_^

One more announcement to make today regarding out design team.  You may have noticed that one of the familiar name is missing today from the showcase, and it's because Silvia Sencaka is on a maternity leave for a while.  She's expecting her second child.  Congratulations, Silvia!  We are looking forward to the birth of a healthy and happy baby (and your return to the AW Showcase.)!! ^_^

OK, I lied.  One last bit of news here.  A new AuroraWings shop is "under construction" at Storenvy.  This is in addition to the Etsy shop and the shop at my official site (So it's a 3rd location!).  I thought I'd mention that, in case you are worried that I'm closing one of my shops - I'm not. :D  The Storenvy location will be dedicated to nothing but digis and the shop will be categorized based on subjects, just like the AW shop at my site.  The functionality is a bit different, so I'd like you to be aware of the difference.  There is no automatic download, so you'll be receiving your purchased digi files as e-mail attachments directly from me - the old-fashioned way.  Coupon codes will be handled like a rebate (I'll issue refund via PayPal if you mention the code in a PP note at the time of transaction.).  I'll be adding listings to this new shop in the coming weeks (and probably months) to make shopping convenient for you (especially if you're from UK and Germany - and possibly many other EU member nations*).  * Of what little we could gather on the new EU digital VAT regulation, at least the UK and German governments have indicated that digital files delivered via e-mail attachments, requiring certain 'human involvement' as opposed to 'fully automated delivery' are not considered to be covered under the law.  So no VAT will be incurred.  Situation may change, but that is what we know as of the date of this post.

Screen shot of the new shop

And final reminder.  Our current challenge "All That Glitters" ends tomorrow at 11:55 pm ET US, and a new challenge will be announced on Monday, January 19th.  There's still plenty of time to join our Facebook group's monthly contest "Gemstones", which runs through the end of January.  Hope to see you there~!!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Featured Creation by Linda

Hi, everyone!  Boy, did I slack off during the holidays! XD  This is the first crafter feature of 2015~!!  Hope everyone had a lovely New Year's.  It seems most of us are back in the swing of things once again and coloring and crafting.  We're seeing a bigger turnout at both fb group contest and AW Challenge Blog.  ^_^

Today, I have a beautiful card to show.  This is by Linda Simpson.  This lovely card in shades of purple and orange features the digi "Peony Bouquet".

I love the unique color choice for the peony.  Rich shades of purple, which is beautifully paired with the perfect shade of tangerine for lovely contrast.  The central image is softened by the lavender and green papers, delicate die-cut butterfly and a flower.  Definitely grabbed my attention today - a cold winter day.  This card made me smile, reminding that spring is not too far away. :D  You can read more about this beautiful creation on her blog post here.

This floral digi "Peony Bouquet" is available at the AW Etsy shop here and at the AW web site here.  It comes in 2100 x 2100 pixels (7" x 7"/ 17.8 cm square) at 300 dpi, in JPG.  One of many floral digis I have in my digi collection.  These really are versatile.  You can use them on pretty much all occasions that call for a card.  They also make a wonderful addition to project featuring fairy or sprite images.

We'll have a new release - the first of the 2015 - coming up on Friday, Jan. 16th with a showcase right here at this blog.  Hope to see you then!  Happy coloring~!!