Friday, April 17, 2015

New Release Showcase - Little Kitsune Anko

Welcome to the new release showcase!!  So glad you can stop by!  We have an awesome one for you today (Wait... Do I say that every time?).  This new image was inspired by one of my kitties and bears her name, Anko (the sweet Azuki red bean paste used in Japanese tea cakes).  The image also takes its inspiration from the folklore kitsune (fox spirit), fairly well known in the Western world among the afficionados of Japanese culture.  In many regions of Japan, there are tales of foxes and raccoons tricking unsuspecting humans - they transform themselves into human form and use leaves as money to get things like medicine.  Perhaps the most famous of the legends is the tale of Tamamo Gozen (aka Tamamo no Mae), who was a nine-tailed fox demon who was said to have ruled Japan by controlling some powerful men by her superb beauty and keen ingelligence.

Here, Little Anko's fox magic 'kung fu' may be a little weak. lol  Her tail and ears are popping out, giving her away.  But she's so cute that anyone would want to forgive her for any mischief, don't you agree?

Our fabulous Showcase DT is joined by Challenge DT's Gloria Palmer-Steiger and Donna Mundinger for this new release showcase.  Enjoy!!


This image is so flexible!  Her kimono and all her accessories can be colored in so many combinations for a lot of fun!  The digi is available in two versions - one is simple where kimono is left plain, the other is fully rendered with the details you've come to expect from me.  I love drawing in the kimono textile patterns in all of my illustrations, and digis are no exception! 

They both come at 1500 x 2100 pixels at 300 dpi (5" x 7"/12.7 x 17.8 cm).  Available in JPG or PNG at AW Etsy (All different versions of listings are cross referenced with links in the description of the listings.) JPG at AW digi shop at the web site.

*Please note: This offer is available only at AW Etsy location.
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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Designer Spotlight - Lorraine

Hi, everyone!  Thank you for stopping by today for a designer spotlight.  For today's post, I'm delighted to show you a beautiful bracelet - yes, a bracelet! - designed by our Challenge DT member, Lorraine Craig Mackie.

I'm sure many of you are familiar with her elegant style of cards.  Her style has become very easy for me to spot - opulence and elegance are the qualities you always find in her creations.   And opulence and elegance is exactly what you get with this beautiful charm bracelet she has made with my Peacock Masquerade image!

Isn't it gorgeous?  I was delighted when she let me preview the photo of her spectacular creation!  And of course, I really love the complete presentation with the box and the gems on a clean white background.  It's like looking at a display case at a fancy jewelry shop!

And here's the closeup of the detail.  Teal colored beads of different shapes, ornate peacock charms, and the colored image on a circular charm on this beautiful bracelet.  Unique and beautiful!!  You can read more about what went into the making of this bracelet on Lorraine's blog right here.  And if you like what you see, be sure to leave her comments and love~!!

The Peacock Masquerade digi is available at Etsy shop right here and at AW digi shop right here.  Sized at 5" x 7"/12.7 x 17.8 cm approx., 1500 x 2100 pixels at 300 dpi JPG.

Here are a few reminders.  Our current challenge "Anything Goes" will be closing on Saturday, April 18 at 11:55 pm EDT.  Our special contest "Daisy Elf" will be closing on Saturday, April 18 at 11:59 pm EDT.
The regular monthly contest at our Facebook group, "Mommy & Me" will continue through the end of the month.  And we'll have a delightful showcase coming up this Friday, April 17 at 8 am EDT, right here on AW Showcase Blog!!  Till  then, happy coloring & crafting!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Australian Simply Cards Issue 79

Hi, everyone!  Thank you so much for joining us for the fun over the Easter weekend on Facebook.  The 2,250 Members Celebration was a huge success.  Fun is still continuing with the Daisy Elf Coloring Contest going on through Saturday, April 18.  If you missed the freebies from the celebration weekend, the Daisy Elf and Cupcake Sprite (This was a gift-with-purchase freebie.) are now available at AW Etsy and the digi shop at the AW web site.

Today, I wanted to congratulate our Challenge Blog's DT member and a recent guest on our latest new release, Debbie Pamment, for her 7-page feature in the latest issue (issue 70, April 2015) of Australian Simply Cards magazine!!  She has created 6 beautiful cards with the Mer-tots digis from AuroraWings for her featured article.  Her gorgeous cards are professionally photographed by the magazine staff, so the photos are outstanding.  I wish I could show you, but legality prevents me from showing the inside contents here.  ^^;  If you're in Australia, do check out this beautiful, glossy magazine full of tips and inspirations!

I can, however, show you the cover.  Hehe.  Debbie was kind to check with the editor for me to make sure.


Debbie created 6 cards in consistent style, as a whole collection, with digis from the Mer-Tots series: "Sea Turtle Kiss", "Merbaby", "The Gift", "The Secret",  and "Happy Little Mermaid".  In the feature, her cards are categorized into beginner, intermediate, and advanced based on the different coloring techniques used.   Along with the beautiful photos of the completed cards are the step-by-step views of her coloring.  All in all, it's a beautiful spotlight on Debbie's beautiful cards, her skills in both coloring and card design, and these young mermies digis.   ^_^   So beautiful and sweet!!

"Digital Stamps by AuroraWings - as seen on Australian Simply Cards magazine"  Teehee~! XD

I've extended the special discount code THANKYOU2250 that saves you 30% OFF with a minimum purchase of just $5 USD through 11:59 pm on Wednesday, April 8, 2015.  There's still time to take advantage of the savings.   Use the code on three brand new digis from this past weekend that you can add to your AW digi stash or start your collection today!  Codes are valid at both AW Etsy and AW web shop.

Happy coloring~!

Friday, April 3, 2015

New Release Showcase - Reverie

Thank you for stopping by for our special new release showcase at AuroraWings this celebration weekend!  We're kicking off our facebook group's 2,250 members Celebration with this brand new release today!  This is a large scale digi titled "Reverie".  She is a lovely moth fairy who has just come out of her chrysalis.  Our Showcase DT, along with Debbie from our Challenge DT, has created fantastic samples with this enchanting fantasy image for you to enjoy.  I'm so excited to share this gallery with you!!

Always so fun to see how the same image gets an amazingly individual treatment from the members of the design team!  Each designer has her own inspiration and style/approach, and the end result is a spectacular celebration of individuality.  From a beautifully designed card with a cropped image to a fully colored artwork at A4, this image brings you a lot of artistic options to play with.

"Reverie" is available as a large digi or a coloring page, sized at 2100 x 3000 pixels at 300 dpi or 7" x 10"/ 17.8 x 25.4 cm approx.  Lots of details with contrasting open area, suitable for many different approaches, coloring media, and techniques.  Available at AW Etsy shop here as well as at the digi shop at website here.