Monday, September 29, 2014

Featured Creation by Helen

Hi, everyone!  So glad you can stop by our Showcase Blog.  Today, I have a crafter feature of a card made with "Baby Penguin in Santa Hat" (a.k.a. The Little Penguin) by Helen Smith.  I'm always in the mood for a Christmas project... or Christmas feature!! :D  Helen is getting a head start on the holiday cards.  We all know how holiday season sneaks up on us, and there never seems to be enough time to prepare (or there's always something more we need to do at the last minute no matter how hard we try to be fully prepared), so I feel it's great to get a start on that now... or any time all year around.

She colored the little baby penguin in realistic grey and white as baby penguins naturally are.  Took the color theme and expanded to the rest of her holiday card, which makes for something unique since we all so often see holiday cards in classic reds and greens.  The pretty background paper adds a festive touch, which is perfect for this little dancing baby, bringing holiday cheer with his Santa hat and a candy cane stick!  You can check out her blog post on this creation right here.

The "Baby Penguin in Santa Hat" digi is available as a 5" x 7"/ 12.7 x 17.8 cm JPG file at 300 dpi (1500 x 2100 pixels) at AW Etsy shop here and at AW web shop here.  I think it is not only cute for season's greetings, but also cute to make handmade ornaments with.  The relatively simple image is also wonderful to craft with children for the holiday craft fun.

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Till next time, happy coloring!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Special DT Showcase of the Subscribers Gift Digi

Hi, everyone!  So happy you can stop by here.  It is a delightful DT showcase I have for you today.  The title of the digi is "Happy Halloween", and this is the digi that you get for free just for signing up for the new AuroraWings Newsletter.

It'll just be a monthly newsletter.  I figure that nobody likes spammy newsletters filling up their inbox (plus, I'm afraid that once a month is most likely all I have time and energy for...LOL).  So that is my promise.  Just once a month with special subscribers-only discount codes, previews, and sweet deals like freebies.  I'll put a sign-up form at the bottom of today's post, so if you haven't signed up for this newsletter already, you can do so after checking out all the fabulous projects by our Showcase DT! :D

Here we go!!!

Isn't this fun?  From what I've seen of the kids that come to my house trick-or-treating over the years, they're all into collecting as many candies as they can, filling either a pillow case or a pumpkin shaped basket as much as they can (and sometimes emptying them out at home so they can go for some more!).  Halloween is a fun time - everyone can dress up as whatever they want and demand treats from strangers. LOL  I think all of our designers' creations here capture that fun and joy.  I love them all!

This adorable Halloween digi will be available only to the subscribers of my new newsletter.  I know many AW fans have already signed up (Thank you!!), but if you haven't yet, you can do so right here in the sign-up form below.  Be sure to do it now since I'm sending the download link in the first newsletter, scheduled for October 2, 2014.  You don't want to miss that first mailing! :D

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Featured Creation by Merethe

Hi, everyone!  Glad you can stop by here today for another crafter showcase.  Today, we have a beautifully rich jewel-tone creation by Merethe Arstein using the "Peacock Masquerade" digi.

Rich colors of burgundy and deep teal provided by the swirly die-cuts beauitfully frame the main image done in purple and teal.  One of my favorite combinations of colors.  The unique design of the card is further complimented by the digital framing of the photo for a striking presentation.  You can see more photos to appreciate the details on her blog here.

The digi used here is "Peacock Masquerade".  Although the title and the peacock feathers help conjur up the image in certain colors, this image is delightful in so many color combinations.  I've even seen a gorgeous Christmas card made with this image.  This digi is available as a 5" x 7" (12.7 x 17.8 cm) black & white JPG file at 300 dpi resolution.  It can be found at AW Etsy shop here.

Just wanted to mention a special discount code for this weekend here.  Detailed info can be found in the advertisement below.  (Halloween is coming! :D )

One more thing!  I'll begin sending out monthly newsletter in October.  Now is the time to sign up.  To thank my subscribers, I will be sending out a link to a gift digi in the inaugural newsletter.  Don't miss this opportunity to add another freebie to your AW digi collection!  You can sign up for the newsletter right here.

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Friday, September 12, 2014

New Release - Zombie Puppy

Hi, everyone!  I'm so glad you can stop by today. We have a fun (OK, a little creepy) Halloween digi for a new release!  Though it's probably not everyone's cup of tea, for those who love the "undead", here's "Zombie Puppy"~!!

But before we show you the fabulous creations by AW Showcase Blog's DT ladies, I must take a moment to thank Karola Geiger, Jan Thompson, Debra Shaw, and Laila Anesland for helping me out on such a short notice!!  Big hugs to you!  Thank you so much for being there for me and offering your talent and time!!

The creepy cuteness that is the essence of zombie pets is captured wonderfully here on this colorful Halloween card.  Orange and purple with touches of red and green keep the zombie puppy looking otherworldly.  The embellishments add the perfect touch!

With realistic colors and distress all over, this card captures the creepy cute wonderfully while keeping it on the dark side.  The embellishments add a hint of steampunk.

Another make from Jan (Thank you so much for doing double duty!!). This time in gangrene green (no pun intended...) that is so perfect for the undead.  She played with a mirrored image and created a background paper by tiling the digi for a really fun effect!

Fun card in classic Halloween colors here.  Two-tone zombie puppy in orange and grey takes center stage on this beautifully embellished card with classic pumpkin, cob web, crow, and black cat motifs.  The little bone charms further enhance the zombie puppy theme.

Creepy beautiful all the way around on this card.  The green and grey of the Zombie Puppy really set off the bloodshot eyes and the puddle of blood at his foot.  Little skulls and eyeballs, skull scrolls paper all add creepy touches, but also keep things oh so pretty.

The "Zombie Puppy" digi is available as a black and white JPG file, 1500 x 2100 pixels at 300 dpi, at AW Etsy shop here and at the AW web shop here.

If you like "Zombie Puppy", you might also be interested in "Zombie Kitty".  Same specification as above.  Available at AW Etsy shop here and at the AW web shop here.

Till next time, happy coloring! :D  Some more Halloween themed digi will be coming in early October. ;)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Puppy in a Boot Flash Contest Winners' Announcement and Showcase

First off, my sincere thanks to all those who were able to join me for the 1,500 Members Celebration at the end of August!  Some of the fun things we had that day, of course, included a freebie digi "Puppy in a Boot" and a flash contest to make something with it!  We had 18 entries into this contest.  Thanks everyone for participating!!  Hope you had a wonderful time creating with this cute puppy image. ^_^

As promised, today's post is the winners' announcement.  Although I've been judging art events (before I started AW) and all the FB monthly contests for quite a while now, it's always a tough decision regardless of the number of entries I receive. ^^;  I mean, how can you compare apples and oranges?  But then again, it often comes down to what my eyes see and what my heart feels upon seeing a project. ^_^

I'm delighted to start with the Artist's Choice Award winner.  This award comes with a blog badge and $20 GC.   The grand winner of the event is Shell Seward!! Congratulations!!

Artist's Choice Award Winner
Shell Seward

I just love the little puppy's "eye brows"!  So precious in a classic work boot.  I also LOVE the way Shell photographed her card - on the grass in dappled sunlight.  I usually prefer projects photographed without anything else with clean white background, but this set up really adds magic!

Next up are the Top 3 honorees.  The Top 3 award comes with a blog badge and a digi of the winner's choice. They are (in alphabetical order): Laila Anesland, Jennifer Dove, and Gail Neduzak!!  Congratulations!!

Laila Anesland
Awesome coloring using the no-lines technique, with beautiful color scheme and minimal embellishments to keep the focus right on the beautifully colored image.

Jennifer Dove
Masterful coloring that captures the contrasting textures so beautifully from curly fur of the puppy to the highly shiny leather of the boot.

Gail Neduzak
This card gives me a warm fuzzy feeling with a touch of nostalgia... like a hug from Grandma.  Love the beautiful coloring on the image and the overall color scheme and design of this card.

And here's the gallery of all the entries received.  Please enjoy the various charming takes on the same image by all those who entered this flash contest! ^_^

Ann-elisabeth Helland Knappskog

Anne Mills

April Catalogna

Bea Hall

Cathryn Edgar

Dawn Sirdefield

Erika Paws

Fernanda Oravec

Geraldine Robinson

Jan Thompson

Lorie Hill

Ruza Stevanovic Rebel

Sarah Goodall

Wendy Wells Waldorf

Everyone featured here today will receive a blog badge.  Thank you for joining the flash contest and crafting with AuroraWings digis!!

*** How to Receive Your Prize ***
Please send an e-mail to Mitzi at studiomiyabi(at)aol(dot)com with your prize level in the subject line (ACA winner, Top 3, or featured).  If your prize comes with digis, please go on ahead and put link(s)/URL(s) of the digi(s) you wish to receive in the body of your e-mail.

Please join us tomorrow as we unveil a new release.  Hint: Think Halloween! 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Featured Creation by Teresa

Hi, everyone!  Glad you can stop by to check out a new crafter feature today.  I had to take a break all of last week due to bronchitis (no fun...).  Things pretty much came to a screeching halt. ^^;  I'm happy to be back on track and bringing more features.

Today, we have a stunning... STUNNING creation by Teresa Morgan.  Not only this one features one of my favorite digi "Lily, Lily" (Well, that's the original title of the work... The listing of the digi version probably has a long descriptive title that's different.) , I love the way she colored the image with transparent colors and with lots of white left to create a beautifully dreamy vision.

Isn't it stunning?  So feminine and exquisite.  Just gorgeous all the way around!  This was quite a personal make for Teresa for a good friend of hers.  You can read more about the back story on her blog here.

The digi she used in the project seen here is "Woman with Masqurade Mask in Lily Garden" (I told you it has a long descriptive title on Etsy..., but originally titled "Lily, Lily".)  This one comes a little larger at 6" x 7" or 15.2 x 17.8 cm (1800 x 2100 pixels at 300 dpi JPG) to make it easier to work on all the fine details.  Available at AW Etsy shop here and at the AW web shop here .

Hope you enjoyed checking out Teresa's beautiful creation today.  Till next time, happy coloring!