Saturday, April 11, 2020

A Healing Prayer

   This is a special edition here at this blog today.  We, all across the world, are in this uncertain time of a pandemic.  I'm sure everyone was caught off guard.  Most (certainly more and more) of us have been at home under 'shelter in place'.  I myself just spent the last few days sewing masks for friends and family as supplies are getting hard to come by.  But in spite of all that going around us, I see more and more people are helping out friends and neighbors in positive ways to reach out and stay connected while still respecting the suggested guidelines like social distancing.  And this post is about a way for us to do something together as a community, as colorists.

    I would like to share the back story of this image with you.  I had this idea come to me - I call this "inspiration" when it happens - while I was meditating one day just recently.  The feeling of this is as if a drop of oil falls into a bowl of water.  If my mind was a bowl of water, the drop of oil is the inspiration.  Occupying the same space, but distinct.  It's an idea that grows in my mind, but there was an influence.  A nudge.  A spark.  That something extra!  Anyhow, the idea was to draw an image and share for coloring with anyone who wanted to color it.  With the hope that the image was such that coloring would put you in a meditative state, thinking good thoughts and feeling good feelings, even for just a little while.  The hope was to replace the feeling of fear and frustration that so many of us are feeling right now with something like love, hope, positivity, and peace.  It took me a week to get going, but when I did, I worked on it straight without a break for hours.  And I didn't feel tired at all.  In fact, I had energy left hours after I completed inking, and had a hard time getting to sleep. 

A Healing Prayer
©Mitzi Sato-Wiuff
Feel free to download this image for printing out at home and coloring.
(Comments are appreciated.)
Color the angel while meditating on/thinking about good feelings and things that make you smile.
We encourage you to add your finished coloring pic to a contest album at
to be entered into April 2020's special contest for prizes.
(Details in the description of the contest album.)
Regardless whether you join the contest or not, please share your coloring pics on social media
with a link back to this post so your friends can find this image and color, too.
And please share the work-in-progress pics if you feel so inspired.
We love seeing the full picture emerge in steps.

Below, I would like to share again, the beautiful coloring work our designers have done already with this image (in two versions).  Be inspired and get coloring!  Send a ripple of a healing prayer with your coloring.











The contest is open to the image above as well as the original version, which is an 8 x 10", full-page size coloring page.

This version available at

   I am also extending the discount codes from earlier this month.  These codes are good through April 25, 2020.

 Happy Easter


aussie aNNie said...

Bless you Mitzi and the design team, how inspirational is this most beautiful post by all, very emotion in my has come forward...We are ONE, in the world, thank you...xx

applejack cards by sue said...

Thank you so much Mitzi, she is beautiful. I am going to sit quietly tomorrow and spend time colouring and being grateful that with self isolation my husband and I are safe. We are having to do this for health reasons and are really amazed at the kindness of strangers. We hope you and yours are safe and that this dreadful situation will be over soon. xx

Hi! I'm Shirley and said...

Thank you so much, Mitzi, for this beautiful digi! It is so comforting. Such wonderful inspiration from the design team!!

* Shell B.* said...

Simply Beautiful image Mitzi, thank you so much.....fabulous DT inspiration!!

Tazmadazz said...

Thank you Mitzi!!

Marg said...

Thank you so much Mitzi,for your generousity in giving us this gorgeous image. I shall have so much imagination whilst colouring this.
Warmest Regards
Marg ;) x

KristyLee said...

The image is just stunning, and all of the DT ladies have colored it so beautifully!