Thursday, April 2, 2020

New Release Showcase - April 2020

It is time again for our New Release Showcase!  Glad you can visit us today.  I have been finding it difficult to focus lately with all that going on.  I am grateful to have art and gardening to help me feel grounded.  I am sure that anyone who colors and do things with their hands understand what I'm saying.

In my area, the weather has warmed up to the point grass and weed seeds are starting to germinate.  I am also seeing a lot of "volunteer" sunflowers popping up all over.  So, this month's releases are inspired heavily by nature.  I have three lush floral images plus the latest addition to the more illustrative style of zodiac images today.

First, check out the elegant bridal floral titled Peony Bridal Bouquet and the different takes on this image by our talented designers!  And don't let the title limit your imagination into thinking that this is only for wedding cards.  I already had "Peony Bouquet" digi, so I had to give it a slightly different title, and sometimes, you don't want to go with '2'.

Peony Bridal Bouquet
2250 x 1650 pixels / 7.5 x 5.5 inches at 300 dpi
JPG at     PNG at
PNG at AW on Etsy

* * *

Next up, we expand on the peony floral theme with Peony Corner.  As you will see in our designers' work, this is a versatile image for just about any occasion.  Luxurious petals make this such a fun and satisfying image to color. 


Peony Corner
2100 x 2100 pixels / 7 x 7 inches at 300 dpi
JPG at     PNG at
PNG at AW on Etsy 

* * *

Next, we have another sweet floral image, Spring Posey.  It's a small bouquet of dainty flowers like violets, pansies, and lily-of-the-valley tied with a ribbon.  Another versatile image great for just about any and all occasions you'd want to make a card for from birthday to sympathy cards.  Check out the inspirations created by our designers.


Spring Posey
1500 x 2100 pixels / 5 x 7 inches at 300 dpi 
JPG at     PNG at
PNG at AW on Etsy

* * *

For the final image, I have a new image in the illustrative zodiac series today, Taurus.  Taurus is the second sign in the zodiac, but this image is the third release in the series, following Gemini and Aries.  I've made this image available in two versions - the original version and the no-horns version.  You get both files in a single listing at either of my shops.  Let's check out the inspirations our designers came up with for you.



Taurus 2-pack
2400 x 3000 pixels / 8 x 10 inches at 300 dpi
JPG only at
JPG at AW on Etsy

* * *

Now it's time for the extra fun part - discounts and specials and such.  First, here are two codes for you to choose from to save when you go shopping at either of my locations ( and this weekend.

* * *

And here's something that I was struck with an inspiration, then later again to finish so I could bring her to you today.  Since most of us find ourselves staying home for uncertain length of time under the circumstances, I was inspired to bring an angel for you to color.  I'm calling this image "A Healing Prayer", and this lovely angel is your Gift-with-Purchase this weekend with any purchase.  This promo is not automated like the digi downloads, so please remember to allow up to 24 hours for me to send you an email with an attachment.

Coloring helps us stay grounded and focused.  And as we know that fear can be detrimental to our health when we need it the most, I would like as many of you to have the chance to bring this angel home to color - to distract from worry, to relax a little both mentally and physically, and to meditate upon the image with your vision of the world at peace that you'd like to experience.  Stay well and stay safe.

Check out the lovely samples created by the AW designers using this gift image!

A Healing Prayer
2400 x 3000 pixels / 8 x 10 inches full-page size


DonnaMundinger said...

What a wonderful assortment of glorious new images! Such a joy to color and amazing work by my teamies. Fabulous inspiration, ladies! xxxD

Lynn (aka Lynnpenguin) said...

Wow. Such amazing new images and awesome creations by the DT!!!!! Going shopping now! Thank you Mitiz for your artwork !! Stay well.

Mitzi Sato-Wiuff said...

Awesome showcase of beauty, color, and creativity, ladies! So uplifting. Thank you~!!

ewinka Nowa said...

What beautiful DT works. These cute flower bouquets, and the bull looks great with and without horns. Angel as always wonderful

Bonnie Lynn said...

Beautiful samples again from the DT!

Marjeta said...

Absolutely stunning. said...

you are all so talented each and every project is uplifting and inspirational