Thursday, February 6, 2020

New Release Showcase - February 2020

 Welcome to our first New Release Showcase of 2020!  We have more images than usual today - three Sprites plus one illustrative floral fantasy from the Zodiac series.  And a very special surprise to go with this new release showcase.  So read on till the end, I know it'll be worth it!

First up, I created the little Mouse Sprite!  As you may already know, I've made Chinese Zodiac digis for the last three years, and since 2020 is the Year of the Rat, I just had to add a Sprite version, too.  Check out what our fabulous designers have come up with!  Oh, and since several of our regular DT members were unable to participate, I asked for help from our FB Challenge DT, Debbie and Susan.





Mouse Sprite
1500 x 2100 pixels

JPG at   PNG at
PNG at AW on Etsy
* * *

Next, we have a fabulous Phlox Sprite!  I had so much fun drawing her, and I'm sure you'll have so much fun coloring her.  Just look at the many florets on this darling little one!  And the phlox plant comes in so many different colors for flowers, so you'll want to color this baby more than once.  Look what came up when I did a search.  Fun fun fun!  What color would you color her in?

And our designers have created gorgeous projects with her.  Check them out!


 Debbie joining from the FB Challenge DT


 Phlox Sprite
1500 x 2100 pixels
JPG at     PNG at
PNG at AW on Etsy

* * *

Two down, one more to go with the Sprites!  Next up, we have the adorable Tulip Sprite 2!  In case you're wondering why this one is "number 2", I would like to mention that she has an older brother Tulip Sprite, who came into being several years back, in the old style that I was drawing Sprites in.  I've always liked him as he looks a bit grumpy, like he didn't like being turned into a Flower Sprite at all.  As my drawing style has evolved over the years, so did the Sprites.  Because of this, I've been wanting to re-do some flowers in my current style, and Tulip Sprite 2 was born.  She is a girlier version of her brother, showing off her tulip flower hair and bringing you a bouquet of buds.  Hope you like her!  This one will also be versatile as tulips also come in so many colors.  I don't think I can pick my favorite.  Can you???

 Debbie joining us from our FB Challenge DT


Tulip Sprite 2
1650 x 2100 pixels
JPG at     PNG at
PNG at AW on Etsy

 Tulip Sprite - the grumpy 'older bro'
What could he be hiding under his cloak...? LOL

1500 x 2100 pixels

JPG at     PNG at

* * *
All right!  Here comes a major change of pace!  Next, I have a very elegant image of Aries, from my Zodiac series.  I will be bringing more in this series this year.  Previously, I have brought Gemini - Abundance Twins - to kick off the series in 2019, so this is the second one released in the series so far.  The images in this series are full-page size 'coloring pages'.  Suitable for coloring and framing as well as reducing the size to use on your greeting card projects from Aries' birthdays to celebrating Mother's Day, etc.  Check out the fantastic creations by our talented designers!!



 Susan joining us from FB Challenge DT
2400 x 3000 pixels (full page size)
JPG at
JPG at AW on Etsy
 * * *

Hope you've had fun so far with this showcase.  And here's the surprise I mentioned at the beginning of this post.  I have a sweet little Gift-with-Purchase to go with this new release showcase.  Check out the Koala Sprite!

Until next time, happy creating!


ewinka Nowa said...

Beautiful DT works. Ghost drawings are sweet and delightful :-)

Mitzi Sato-Wiuff said...

What a great showcase today! My gratitude to the designers who created beautiful inspirations!! Special thanks to Donna, Marion, Debbie, and Susan for going above and beyond.

Laine Kammeraad said...

Stunning creations a Mitzi. You and the DT did an outstanding job in creating this fabulous showcase.

With smiles
Laine Kammeraad

Gloria Shirr (purpleglo) said...

Fabulous new releases Mitzi. Love those Sprites. Thanks so much for the coupon and the free Kaola Sprite. Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Gloria

Hath said...

Amazing (bumper!!) showcase. Love all the designs :)

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