Saturday, July 6, 2019

Remembering Aletha Blog Hop

Hi, everyone!  Mitzi here.  This post is part of a blog hop happening today in celebration of the life and talent of our designer friend and DT sister,  Aletha J. Williams, who has been a part of the Aurora Wings Challenge Blog and the Showcase Blog, off and on, since 2014.  You can still read the interview that I did with her from when she first joined the DT.

I was one of the digi artists, who were fortunate to have Aletha on their design teams.  She was one of the earliest members of Aurora Wings' FB group, too - all the way back ... since November of 2013!  She was also one of my early customers/supporters through my Etsy shop by commissioning me to design a Petunia Sprite.  She then became the proud owner of my original Petunia Sprite ACEO.

The original ACEO at 2.5 x 3.5 inches or 6.35 x 8.89 cm

Aletha's coloring of the Petunia Sprite
Sprites really came to life with her coloring as Aletha loved using rich, saturated colors.  There definitely was a love of life that came through brilliantly with her use of vibrant palettes.  Many of her projects were done in the signature rich jewel tones, and had a certain inner glow, that showed through the petals, that was distinctly hers - a velvety opulence.

* * *

I was originally just going to create one big collage of Aletha's work, that I was able to find on my computer for this post of mine today, when I first signed up at the FB event page set up by Alison Heikkila.  As days went by (after clicking 'going' and making a commitment), an inspiration came to me that said, "Why don't I create an Aletha Sprite?"

One of the first things I noticed when I first saw her profile pic when she came on board the Challenge DT... was her HAIR - an abundance of ringlets!  So when I thought of turning Aletha into a Sprite, I had to start with the ringlets.  My mind went from 'ringlets' to 'tendrils', and before I can say the name, Passion Flower Sprite came out of nowhere and just posed for me in my mind.  I could only wish that all creative sessions of mine were this productive...

I also had this pic from the most recent time she was on our Showcase DT.
You can see how Aletha in this pic and her Sprite are posing kinda same...
This is weird as I did not consciously plan the image this way.
And because she's an artist, I had to properly equip this new Sprite with a brush and a palette.  From there, I kind of had the character just play out the story.  She went ahead and painted her outfit!

I hope you like this little Sprite, Aletha.
Have fun coloring!

If you'd like to own this image in PNG, without the sentiment or copyright text, you can purchase it at this listing at shop.

This code is good at both and AuroraWings on Etsy for Sat & Sun.

Next stop on the hop is Suzi's post if you're here for the Remembering Aletha Blog Hop.

Below is the master list of the hop.

Mitzi Sato-Wiuff (You are here now.)


Mimi said...

Beautiful Mitzi and such a lovely write up in remembering Aletha. Can't thank you enough for drawing this adorable sprite for us to use in the blog hop and am sitting her smiling as to how she came about, how she has a presence all her own, almost as if Aletha was guiding your hand :) Love and hugs, Jane xxxxx

DonnaMundinger said...

What a lovely post and sweet tribute to our dear friend and DT sister, Mitzi! Love seeing a mix of Aletha's amazing projects and reading about the inspiration for the adorable Sprite you created in her honor. I'm sure she's smiling. xxD

Silvia sencaka said...

All her project is really fabulous! She is really talented artist. You are really sweet and really honoured her by creating a special sprite for her. She must loved this little sprite so much!

Susan Sudbury said...

What a beautiful Sprite, and an amazingly thoughtful write up ❤ Love your description of how the Sprite was created .... as if she was there with you....she probably was ❤

Suzi McKenzie said...

What a wonderful tribute, Aletha's Sprite is perfect, Thank You for sharing her with us all

Gloria Shirr (purpleglo) said...

Thanks so much Mitzi for celebrating Aletha's life. She was a beautiful special lady. Thank you for the little Sprite. I did buy the PNG one that you had available. Such a great tribute. Thanks to all the DT for such fabulous creations! Hugs, Gloria

marion said...

What a wonderfull blogpost and interesting to read about Aletha. Love your sprite, sweet and with your signature of love. The brush and palette are such a nice asset to the sprite. Loved that the sprite looked like Aletha in the pic. Interesting to read this blogpost. Thank you for sharing this wonderfull sprite with us, you are very genorous, have a wonderfull weekend, lots of hugs and love, x, Marion

Alison said...

Oh Mitzi, this is such a wonderful post! I love that you included photos of Aletha, and memories you had with her. I am about to go and read that interview too. Thank you SO much for sharing the beautiful Aletha Sprite with all of us. I am quite sure that she would have been absolutely honored. Thank you for joining the hop.

Sonya van Stee said...

Beautiful sprite for a beautiful person. I'm sad I didn't get to know Aletha. I actually have a cousin with the same name! What a fabulous hop today.

Creepy Glowbugg said...

Such a lovely tribute to Aletha. That Sprite is perfection. I love how she colored her own dress in a rainbow type of way. I can only imagine how brilliantly Aletha would have colored her. Thank you for creating the sprite for us to honor Aletha on this hop.

Tazmadazz said...

A lovely tribute to a lovely woman! Thank you!

Shelley said...

What a wonderful, moving tribute to a sweet woman. Thank you Mitzi. said...

Moving. Such a beautiful tribute to Aletha. Thank you.

kumukala said...

Beautiful post, Mitzi! I've gone through all of the blog hop posts and they are wonderful tributes to Aletha with some incredible creations. Thank you for this amazing Passion Flower Sprite!

Gail Hutchinson said...

Thank you Mitzi for this lovely tribute to a beautiful lady. Through Facebook I hope we will continue to glance at the work that made her top of the field. My thoughts go to her family and friends that they will remember all the good times they had with her and her fellow DT members that worked with her over the years. Her work will not be forgotten.

ike said...

Thank you so much Mitzi. This is a fantastic tribute and the sweet story of how Passion Flower came into being. I have a big one of these in my garden here in Greece and this year it sprang into bloom again after not having done so for 2 years. I think it made it's own tribute to Aletha.

Jan Ltc said...

What a gorgeous tribute to Aletha. Hugs Jan

Lynn (aka Lynnpenguin) said...

What a beautiful way to honour her. Thank you for the freebie. You are so talented, kind and generous. Hugs to you Mitzi

Julie Reed said...

What a beautiful tribute Mitzi, Aletha's colouring was always so beautiful xx

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