Thursday, April 12, 2018

New Release Double Showcase April

Welcome to April's New Release Showcase!  We're so glad you can stop by.  Today, we are officially introducing Marisol the Mermaid.  Back in November of 2016, I asked for name suggestions from the members of Stamps by AuroraWings FB group for this mermaid, who has appeared as a digi on two occasions up to that point.

Left: 'Starfish Mermaid' not available as a digi as this was a fundraiser SPECIAL EDITION.
Right: 'Whisper of the Sea', still available in JPG (at and AW Etsy ) and PNG (at and AW Etsy ).
Lots of members came up with so many lovely names (something around 200, I believe), and after careful consideration, Marisol, suggested by AWCB's designer/blog coordinator Donna Mundinger, was chosen.  Marisol is derived from the Spanish words for the sea (mar) and the sun (sol).  For mermaid who loves to spend time on the beach in the sun as much as as in the water, isn't this a perfect name?  And my promise was that the Fairy Godmother who names her would get a full-body digi of her before it's released to the public.

Fast forward to April 2018, and here we are.  We're unveiling a full-body image of Marisol today!  But that's not all.  I've drawn Summer Sprite to complete the Four Seasons Sprites, and this Sprite features a young Marisol.  But first, we'll kick off the showcase with the beautiful Marisol the Mermaid inspirations by our designers.

Hath Thi


Donna from AWCB Design Teams
(As I mentioned earlier on the post, she is the Fairy Godmother of Marisol.)
Marisol the Mermaid comes in at 2100 x 2850 pixels (7 x 9.5 inches or 17.8 x 24.1 cm at 300 dpi) in JPG and PNG versions.  Size down to use her on a card, or use her full size as a main focus on a mixed media art canvas or print-at-home coloring page.  She's a lot of fun to color!

JPG at     JPG at AW Etsy
PNG at     PNG at AW Etsy

Now, get ready for a precious little Summer Sprite!  The inspiration for the is the baby Marisol, sitting on a beach, partaking in some seasonal food from the land.  Check out the fun creations by the AW designers!

Summer Sprite (with Watermelon) comes in at 1650 x 1800 pixels (5.5 x 6 inches or 14 x 15.2 cm at 300 dpi) in JPG and PNG versions.   She is a great addition to your AW Sprites stash, to complete your Four Seasons' Sprites, and her simpler lines and innocent Sprite charm are perfect for coloring with young children/ grandchildren, especially once it gets to be too hot to do anything outside during the day.  (We're not quite there yet, but dog days of summer will be here before we know it.)

JPG at     JPG at AW Etsy
PNG at     PNG at AW Etsy

There's another version of Summer Sprite - because I couldn't decide on the watermelon slice or a soft serve ice cream cone!  Here's the other version.

The Summer Sprite with Ice Cream Cone is a BONUS OFFER (BOGO - Buy One Get One FREE - deal) at for one week only (April 12 through April 18, 2018).  After that period, the ice cream cone version will be an exclusive, only available at digi shop.

Click on the links below to go to the BOGO SPECIALS!

Special Announcement!

For those of you who have enjoyed my coloring books, heads up!  Ellen Million Graphics, the publisher of my coloring books, will be having a Kickstarter Launch Party starting today at 1:30 pm EDT US/9:30 am AKDT (That's Alaska Daylight Time, folks!) on Facebook.  The actual Kickstarter fundraiser will follow, starting on April 16 and continuing through May 1.  Those of you who have supported my coloring books in the past through the EMG's Kickstarter events know that this is your rare chance to get PDF copies of my coloring books and many other titles from EMG, a publisher specializing in fantasy coloring books by fantasy artists, printed in relatively small batches as an independent, small business coloring books publisher.  

During the FB Party event, the cover of the Gardens & Goddesses vol. 3 (along with Ellen's coloring book's cover) will be revealed, plus games and prizes with chances to win downloads of pages from the coloring books.  And during the Kickstarter fundraiser, you'll have different tiers of contribution levels available from under $10 USD all the way up to a few hundred dollars, with different rewards for each level of support. And most importantly, especially for those of you who live outside the US, this will be the precious opportunity to get your PDF versions of the EMG coloring books!!  I'll be popping over there as a co-host of the event.  Hope to see many of you from the Stamps by AuroraWings group. 


Thank you for reading this post all the way.  To wrap up today's New Release Showcase, here is the coupon codes for this weekend.


We still have a few days left in our 4th Anniversary Sprite Delight V challenge at AWCB!
Remember, all prizes are doubled, so you have twice the chance of winning this time around!
Don't miss it!


marion said...

o...the new images are so wonderfull and whymsical, love them they were worth waiting for. Also lovely inspiration from the Design Team. Looking forward to the event later today, x, Marion

Lori Podolsky said...

OMG, I am speechless (which doesn't happen too often - LOL!)!! These creations are truly spectacular, totally magnificent and so creative!!!!!!!! How very talented you all are! WOW! xx

Silvia sencaka said...

This is my fave new release ever!!! Mermaid fiesta!!! Both of them so beautiful! And amazing name perfect for her too!! Fabulous creations from girls!

Lori Podolsky said...

Mitzi, these images are making me drool; how gorgeous they are! You are so gifted! xx

Gloria Shirr (purpleglo) said...

Gorgeous creations Mitzi. Thank you so much for your special and the new digi release. Love them! Thanks to all the fabulous creations by the DT to showcase these lovely new digis. Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Gloria

Mitzi Sato-Wiuff said...

Another awesome showcase from the DT and Donna! Thank you, ladies, for a spectacular gallery of beauties today! Mitzi xxx