Friday, July 17, 2015

New Release Double Showcase

Hi, everyone!  Glad you can join us today for a DOUBLE showcase of new release digis!  But before I start, I would like to introduce everyone to our newest AW design team sister, Hath Thi!

She joins the AW Showcase Team starting today!  :D You can view her bio and get to know her a little on the Meet the Design Team page.

Our first new release today is called 'Ladybug Sprite'.  With this sprite, I'll be starting a new little collection of insect sprites after 'flower sprites' and 'food/vegetable sprites'.  Be sure to comment if there's a bug you would like to see as a Sprite!

And joining us from the Aurora Wings Challenge Blog DT

The bashful Ladybug Sprite is available as a JPG digi here or as a PNG digi here. JPG version is also available at the's digi shop.  Both are 300 dpi, 1500 x 2100 pixels (5" x7"/12.7x 17.8 cm) files.

Now off to ANOTHER sprite!  Meet the pretty Columbine Sprite!  I've been wanting to draw Columbine Sprite for quite some time as this is Colorado's state flower (It's the blue and white kind that grows wild in the mountains.).  I also like this flower because of many cultivars that come in a beautiful range of single and bi-color variations.  So many possibilities as our designers have demonstrated with this image!

The Columbine Sprite is available as a JPG digi here and as a PNG digi here at AW Etsy.  She comes a little wider (because of her fancy hat!) at 1650 x 2100 pixels (5.5 x 7 inches/13.9 x 17.8 cm) at 300 dpi.  The JPG version of her is also available at the AW web site's digi shop.

I hope you enjoyed our double showcase today!   If you're heading out to go shopping, don't forget to use code DIGISAVE25 for 25% OFF with minimum of $10 USD in digital stamps purchase at AW Etsy.  This code is good this weekend, through Sunday at 11:59 pm EDT US. As always, the code is for digital items in the shop only.  Use of this code on orders that include non-digi items will result in the cancellation of such items, followed by a refund of that portion of your order.

Don't forget about your chance to save an endangered species (an adorable one, too!) AND get a chance to win $30 USD in digis of your choice OR one of Mitzi's coloring books, with international shipping covered!!   Please check out COLOR FOR A CAUSE!  A special summer event sponsored by AuroraWings to help the fundraiser for Project Numbat, an Australian non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of native marsupial, the numbats. 

And the final reminder is about the AW Challenge!  Sprite Delight II is coming to a close tomorrow, Saturday, July 18, at 11:55 pm EDT!!  If you have forgotten to add your entry, today is the day! :D


Cindy van Oorschot said...

Beautiful work ladies, and Mitzi, lovely images. Of course butterflies and dragonflies would be the top of the list for sprites for me

Aurora said...

Those images are super sweet! Specially the lady bug, so cute!

Net said...

Both beautiful new sprites!

Is a bumblebee sprite coming?

kipekr said...

They are both super cute sprites :-) and will definitely be on my wish list.
Welcome to the new member of your team too.

Creepy Glowbugg said...

I've got my fingers crossed for a horned beetle sprite or a black widow sprite.
A girl can wish, right?

Julie Odil said...

Lovely, lovely creations, ladies, and fabulous new art, Mitzi. I would love a dragonfly Sprite and a waterbug sprite (sorry, I'd have to look up their scientific name, but they're the ones that scoot across the water as if skating). They're not insects, but tree frogs could make cute sprites!

Cristina González Muñiz said...

What a really beautiful sprites and cards! love them all!

Unknown said...

Love the new sprites, and the designer's did an awesome job!

Sharman said...

Oh I just love them both. Welcome Hath Thi ( Love the name and she is beautiful) Your work is beautiful and I know Mitzi is thrilled to have you as we all are. Beautiful job on all the cards.