Friday, March 18, 2016

Slow Loris Fundraiser Special Showcase

Hi, everyone!  Welcome to our special showcase today to kick off the Slow Loris Fundraiser here at Aurora Wings as a part of the special celebration of Aurora Wings Challenge Blog's 2-year anniversary.

It's hard to believe it's been 2 years already since we had the first "Anything Goes" challenge on March 17th of 2014 (I know, we're one day late celebrating, but we are going to more than make up for it by stretching it into a loooong event!).  I wanted to do something special to mark the occasion (especially since I completely spaced out about the 1-year anniversary last year), and when a member of our FB group, Debra Laine Kammeraad, approached me a few months ago about a possible fundraiser for slow loris rescue, I thought, "This is it!".  Here we are!

Before I move on to talk about the fundraiser, I just want to mention real quick that our upcoming Chalenge #25 on Aurora Wings Challenge Blog will have all the prizes doubled, also as a part of our celebration.  So there will be 2 ACAs, 2 random winners, and 6 DT's Picks. Twice the chance of winning! So please be sure to check the AWCB on Monday, March 21!  And don't forget, our current challenge "My Favorite Season" ends tomorrow (Saturday, March 19th).  If you've made something for this, but haven't joined yet, please do so today!

Now the info about the fundraiser.  I'm thinking that some of you may not be familiar with the name "slow loris" (I certainly wasn't...), but I'm sure you've seen the pic of one or the (infamous) viral video of one being "tickled" on YouTube (but I will not be posting the link here for a reason).

Screenshot from Google with search words 'slow loris'
Cute!  Precious! Adorable!  Totally irresistible!  I WANT one!  Right?  Yeeesss, and that's unfortunately causing much misery to these animals.  They have become so popular (Thanks to social media, like the case of the aforementioned viral video of pet slow loris being 'tickled' with arms raised up - to learn more about why this is troublesome, please check out this link) that the demand is driving illegal exotic pet trade in areas of the world where these cute guys naturally live and thrive.  I am not going into the details here because it might be too upsetting to many of you (It certainly was for me!), but too many of these animals in the illegal pet trade are being mistreated.  Even if they find themselves in "good homes" with reasonably responsible pet owners, because they are nocturnal, they tend to get neglected while the human owners are fast asleep.  For those of you who wish to know more about the issues facing these animals, please learn more by checking out this link on wikipedia.

The fund raised in this special event will be sent to the Slow Loris Rescue as a lump sum.  The actual AW fundraiser campaign will take place at THIS PAGE.  If you were a member of AW Facebook group last summer, you probably remember the Numbat Fundraiser we had.  Like that time, I will be offering a gift digi image for your donation of any amount as my thank-you for supporting this cause.  You will be able to use the image to enter a special contest at our FB group for more chances to win more AW digis and other prizes.
"Slow Loris Sprite" (1500 x 2100 pixels at 300 dpi)

But wait!  That's not all!  (Sounding like a pitchman in an infomercial here.)  For a donation amount of $10 USD or more, you will receive one more digi.  These two images are "Special Edition" and offered only as gifts to the donors of this special event, and will not be made available for purchase at my shops in the future.  I hope you find the cause to be worthy in the first place, but I also hope that you find these images cute enough to give you the added incentive to donate (... and maybe even curb your appetite for a live loris as a pet).
"Slow Loris in Leaves" (1800 pixels quare at 300 dpi)
These two digis are made available in PNG and JPG.  Default choice (if you don't request otherwise) is PNG for dispatch via email attachment.  If you prefer JPG file format, please specify in your note when you make your donation.   If no choice is specified, you will receive PNG digi.

Many AuroraWings designers from all three teams have generously gave their time and talent in support of this fundraiser and created a gallery of beautiful samples for you today.  I am extra grateful, especially because I was running late and could only give the ladies a very short notice!   Thank you, AW designers, for the beautifully inspired projects!!  Please enjoy!!

Silvia (Aurora & Showcase DTs)

Debbie (Aurora DT)

Marion (Stella DT)

Jan (Showcase DT)

Donna (Aurora DT)

Julie (Stella & Showcase DT)

Karola (Aurora DT)

RoRa (Stella DT)

Debra (Showcase DT)

Gloria (Aurora DT)

Sara (Stella DT)

Cristena (Stella DT)

Thank you again for checking out our special celebration showcase today!   Please support the effort of Slow Loris Rescue by donating today!

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DonnaMundinger said...

Fabulous showcase and wonderful cause. Gorgeous projects, everyone. xxD

Wendy said...

Thank you Mitzi for sharing the Slow Loris Stamp with everyone and "Happy Second Anniversary"! The showcase projects are wonderful!

Laine Kammeraad said...

Happy Happy Second Year Anniversary Mitzi. And thank you so for your hard work in putting this fund raiser together. As you already know helping this gorgeous Slo Loris with a fund raiser is near and dear to my heart. All the hard work by everyone will definitely help raise awareness. I truly appreciate all the hard work and the gorgeous creations by the DT and you Mitzi. Thank you all so much.

With hugs and smiles
Laine Kammeraad

Silvia sencaka said...

Awesome fundraiser, happy 2th anniversary and gorgeous sample from the girls!

Margo said...

Happy 2nd anniversary, Mitzi!! Also what wonderful creations of this Slow Loris cause! Thanks for sharing and the opportunity for the special edition digis too. :)

Julie Odil said...

Happy anniversary, Mitzi! I so love your art! I have ever since I discovered you. I also wholeheartedly support your cause and am off to donate. Thanks for your caring heart. Fantastic creations from your always-talented DT!

charlene said...

Happy 2nd year anniversary Mitzi! Great job DT on all of your showcase projects!

Tanya said...

Donated, such a worthy cause and great job for thinking of these poor creatures, I have read the sad things about this before, so thank you so much for allowing me to make a difference.

Happy 2nd anniversary and I can't wait to get my digis :)

Tanya xx

Mitzi Sato-Wiuff said...

I really must thank the AW designers once again for helping me out on such a short notice and coming through with such gorgeous samples. I really see that we were all quite inspired!! I'm getting here kind of late because I woke up this morning and there already were quite a few donations in my inbox and it just keeps on coming. Thank you, everyone, for celebrating our challenge blog's anniversary AND supporting the cause with us!!
Mitzi xxx

Gloria Shirr (purpleglo) said...

Awesome creations by the DT. Thanks for making us aware of this issue. Good luck on raising lots of money. Hugs, Gloria

Cristena Bagne said...

It was such an honor to do this project and to be part of this event. Thank you Mitzi for including me. The other ladies on this team it is such a great feeling to be with such wonderful ladies and be surrounded by inspiring talent! I am truly blessed! I know these little critters will be as well by all the funds that are raised from this event. You have such a wonderful heart Mitzi, thank you for sharing it.
Inky Hugs,
Cristena xx
My blog

Tindaloo said...

Happy 2nd. anniversary Mitzi! ♥ Such wonderful creations and a specially beautiful animal, so sad that this cruelty is going on, I hope our contributions and sharing during this event will help to put a stop to it ♥ ♥ ♥